Saturday, May 10, 2008

Journal Entry

I cannot ignore that there is an ever-present yearning and desire that pulses within me. It throbs for gratification and fulfillment. It makes me want to wander this entire globe in search of this in-definitive "something," that I might suddenly experience it, discover it, or some other sort of quickening to quench this thirst I've had since childhood. I want to search it out in evergreen forests, fields of tall, golden grass, desert sands, moonlit nights, in the eyes of other children of God, in the eyes of every living creature. It is in all of these things, yet it is fleeting. It has the power and potential to move me to tears in a matter of seconds. It gives life a meaning often realized only in night time dreams; that elusive, intangible fulfillment that permeates the the images played out by one's subconscious right before it fades into oblivion, as full consciousness begins to settle in.

Yet somehow, I don't believe that all of the wandering in the world will lead me to its attainment. Somehow, I know it's right here inside of me. This yearning I have is perhaps the yearning for it to explode into expression. To be fully expressed would be would mean ultimate gratification.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Law of Attraction (here we go again...)

About 6 months ago I stopped believing in the Law of Attraction, or at least the accuracy therein. And do you know what I found out? I found out that even when you don’t believe in it, it still continues to work with perfect precision! So while I now go about my day in a manner far removed from my previous Mode of Operation, that darn Law of Attraction keeps right on making itself evident in every area of my life. The Law of Attraction is real whether or not we give an ounce of credence to it. It is inherent. It is infallible. It is unavoidable.