Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why Do Children Climb Up Slides?

If you've ever spent much time at a playground you've seen that small children love to slide down slides, but that they also love to climb up them. Playground slides are not designed to be climbed up. They are steep and slippery, there is not much to grasp onto. That is precisely the attraction - the challenge.

We're all born with the desire to seek out and overcome challenges. As far as human history is concerned, it is arguably what has kept people alive and it has led to a steadily continuing increase in our standard of living.

Challenges can teach, inspire and help us to grow. Overcoming challenges brings a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to face even greater challenges that we will inevitably encounter.

Sometimes, however, we get so attached to the security that our comfort zone offers that we miss out on some of the best things life has to offer. But such complacency is not only boring, it doesn’t help us to grow, and over time can diminish our ability to take on new challenges as they present themselves.

Challenges are an essential part of childhood. Children learn to overcome obstacles on a daily basis by learning to walk, communicate, solve problems, and interact in social situations. They become better, stronger, and more well-rounded individuals as a result of doing so. You might even say that challenge is the essence of youth. In fact, one way to stay young is to never stop seeking new challenges


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